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A Bridge Across Forever

A Bridge Across Forever

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This wall art print is called 'A Bridge Across Forever'.

This one falls somewhere in the realm of Fantasy Art / Dystopian Art.

I'm not exactly sure where though?

It features a red iron riveted bridge, a silhouette of a man, multiple planets, a road that meanders into the distance, plumes of smoke emerging from the arid planet surface, and me looking forlornly in over the edge of the bridge.

It is probably very deep.

Like choosing to have an extra onion with your fish and chips.

Or choosing to switch channels halfway through Saturday night TV.

Deep stuff that would probably rock the foundations of the modern world if it was understood.

(David Icke, where are you when we need a piece of art explained???)

One thing is for certain though.... and that is that I seem to be wearing a woolly jumper.

Madness folks!!!

It looks like it is probably hot.

Maybe not though... Maybe it's cold?

Like I said, deep stuff.

Like a Penguin deciding whether to eat the fish on his left, or the fish on his right?

Choices... Choices.

Anyway, regardless, I enjoyed coming up with this one.

When the sands of time have worn away at my soul, and I have nothing in me but the will to carry on, then I will remember this picture and know that there was more to give.


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