Collection: Cat Art / Orange Cat Art

This "Cat Art / Orange Cat Art" is one for all the cat lovers out there!

Cats are kinda awesome. We all know that. They are spirited and independent and they take no prisoners. They are also gutsy and fun.

But I do have this theory that orange cats are secretly plotting to take over the world!

I have no evidence for this vague notion you understand.

But I have created some artwork around the concept, so I thought it was about time that I gave it its own little section.

So, if its a 'cat' of any kind then I have included it here (Lions are also cats, so they put in an appearance!)

So, anyway, here you are going to find my seminal work on the matter Orange Cats World Domination, which, If I am being honest, I absolutely LOVE!!! 

As well as Dog Flower Vase in the Cat Revolution, which is clearly Orange Cats being very naughty! (But don't feel too bad. I am fairly sure it is YET to happen!)

Or, Last Drinks at the Rainforest Bar, which, on the face of it is a group of animals having a drink at a bar and thinking about the state of the planet, but which once more features an orange cat thinking about world domination! (They just can't help themselves)

Plus, other cats being altogether more 'Spiritual' in 'Shakti Cats', because I do admire the air of 'I own this world and the next!' that every cat seems to give off.