Collection: Abstract Art

Abstract Art is by its nature 'abstract'.

I didn't particularly set out to have a collection for abstract works of art. But the artistic heart bends where it likes, and over the course of time I have ended up creating quite a few works of art that could reasonably be called abstract.

The thought only really occurred to me today that it might be handy for search purposes to group them together.

I'm by no means an art historian. So, there are perhaps plenty of my other works that in my mind I am classing as more 'Modern' art in tone, that are perhaps also abstract?

So, I also suggest that you also have a click on the 'All Canvas Prints' link at the top of the page and have a scroll through all of the available works.

(After all, others of my works like Speckled Horse with a Heart on their Tongue, or Red Octopus Tentacle Art, may not be classically 'Abstract' works of art, and aren't listed below, but they may also appeal to you if you like the genre.)