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A Cracked Soul

A Cracked Soul

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This one is cheerily titled 'A Cracked Soul'.

Art is cathartic. So, honestly, getting all the cracks out there feels pretty good.

Still, there are moments when life feels like a struggle.

When the quiet serenity of the under water world that is my mind has fissures in it that are wide enough to swallow a whale.

Days when it feels tough.

When life feels like a struggle and I have to remind myself that the leaves of my mind are not predicated on always flowering.

That the vignettes that I paint of what is going on are neither real or false.

They are just the mirrors into my soul of what I feel is going on in the moment.

Passageways of light filtered through our experience.

Here and they are gone.

We are the silence in the storm.

No-one hears us when we scream.

To the world we are a flower in bloom.

The sunrise on a new day.

But sometimes life feels like a struggle.

It just does.

And inside we are the darkness made real.

We are black as coal and there is no light.

On days like those you just have to try not to fall down into the cracks.

To grasp at the false wisps of smoke that are your sanity and hold on for one more day.

Because the tree can shed leaves, but it can also grow new ones.

And sometimes, that thought has to be enough.

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