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A Martian Kaleidoscope

A Martian Kaleidoscope

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This wall art print is called 'A Martian Kaleidoscope'.

It features Mars (hence the Martian part!) As well as a kaleidoscope of colours to keep your eyes gainfully amused.

It also has an astronaut on the surface of the planet.

Let's face it, if that was life size he would be a really, really BIG astronaut! So, I hate to break it to you, but this picture isn't to scale. No rulers were harmed in the making of this picture! No calculus was used in its creation!

Still, it was lots of fun to get in the mind of a kaleidoscope and watch it turn as it looked on at the planet Mars.

Though, philosophical conundrum time.... Why aren't there multiple Mars (Marses??? What is the plural of Mars? Hello grammar lovers. Turn away now!) if it's a Kaleidoscope?

I reckon it's faulty!!

It's the only logical explanation.

If Stephen Hawking were still around he would be most mad with my lack of scientific rigour.

Anyway, to compensate both for the lack of calculus, calculations, and grammar nasties, here is a fun mars fact for you.

The radius of Mars is 3,389.5 km.

How does that compare to Earth... (I hear the more scientifically inclined of you begging, begging, nay pleading with me to know....)

Well, Earth has a radius of 6,371 km.

Which makes Mars somewhat of a tiddler by comparison.

And the Sun?...

Well, the Sun has a radius of 696,340 km.

Doesn't that blow your mind!!!

It does mine.

Earth is like a pork scratching in comparison!

Anyway... None of such statistical, scientific, NASA/Space-type tom-foolery should stop you from having this one on your wall.

Looks rather lovely.

(If I do say so myself!)


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