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A New Day Dawns

A New Day Dawns

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Each new day is a new chance.

Nature cannot make it any clearer. The darkness gives way to the light and a new day is born afresh, with all its opportunities and chances and challenges.

This wall art print is called 'A New Day Dawns' and is a celebration of that fact.

It makes me feel good to think about it.

Whatever happens today is on me.

It is neither good or bad until I make it so with my thoughts and actions.

The rain is an opportunity to splash in puddles.

We certainly all thought so as children.

Yet, somehow, as the dawn of youth gives way to the dusk of latter years it becomes a reason to complain!

How does that even happen?

It is kinda mad when you think about it.

I 'played' with my six-year-old nephew on the weekend.

I use the term loosely, because I actually sat on the sofa and watched the football, while I counted how many up and down laps of the living room he could run.

He first did 110. Then had a little rest and did 127. And then beat his 'record' and did 210.

All of this was performed joyously and with a spirit of adventure while I was watching the TV, with him popping in and out of focus as he zipped on backwards and forwards and I counted out another lap successfully completed.

I have no doubt which of us was more 'alive' in that moment.

The passivity of consumption is never comparable to the electricity of action.

(Though, honestly, none of that stopped me from sitting on my arse, drinking tea and eating a biscuit while I counted!)

Anyhow, it's been a funny week.

I have felt as a low-energy as I have for a very long time.

I blame the moon!!! (I don't really. But you never know. I don't totally discount the possibility.)

So, today feels like a good 'Carpe Diem - Seize the Day' kind of opportunity.

To see the crack of light through the curtains and KNOW that there is a new day waiting on the other side.

To climb mountains.

See rainbows.

Or just sit on my arse and watch football while my nephew lives fully in the moment!

A world of opportunities.

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