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A Riot of Red Fruit

A Riot of Red Fruit

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There is nothing like fruit rioting to wake you up!

In this "A Riot of Red Fruit" wall art print you get to enjoy the mix and mingle of cherries and strawberries and raspberries as they dance and interweave and generally enjoy a riotous life!

In truth, we don't always think about fruit as the rioting kind.

Yet, consider the juxtaposition of nature for a moment. In our minds it is kind and benevolent. But that is largely because we are at the top of the food chain!

Lower down it is a different story. Endless struggle for survival, eating, sex and nurturing children so that the next set of genes to pass down the slippery pole of life will contain some of your own (be you a man, woman, goat, fire fly, or piece of red fruit).

We may not imagine that fruit get caught up in the Darwinian game of survival.

But they are not immune to the clenched fist of one-upmanship to survive.

It has been postulated that fruit colour evolved as a way of signalling to seed dispersers that they were 'ripe' and ready for the dispersing/eating; and that one of the reasons for the bright colours was to adequately distinguish them from background leaves.

Like all nature, there are plenty of counter and supplementary arguments.

 In some ways we are all 'fake news'; in that we believe we exist for one reason, but may equally be around purely for very prosaic reasons.

But, just as a flock of birds may only be following migratory patterns.

It doesn't make them any the less magnificent!

So... Enjoy the Red Fruit Riot!

(Whatever is causing it!)

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