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All Knowing Pink Love Elephant

All Knowing Pink Love Elephant

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Pink Elephants.

The world clearly needs more of them...

So, I thought I would help out by featuring one here!

This one is an 'All Knowing Pink Love Elephant' wall art print.

You can see all kinds of love, wisdom and knowledge positively oozing (nice word that) out of this little fella.

Hearts and stars and love.

He also has a third eye in the middle of his head, because clearly, you can't be an 'All Knowing' kinda pink elephant without one.

The love is all roaming about and sound is travelling in an out of his rather beautiful ears.

This one is an 'All Knowing' elephant, so I'm guessing he is either learning the secrets of the universe, or listening out for David Attenborough documentaries on Netflix.

Not sure.

Anyway, what is for sure is that this one will brighten up any room, make you feel all warm and cuddly inside, and remind you to wear something pink to match the picture on your wall.

Happy days.

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