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Aurora Borealis Art - Orange Yoga Dog Meditates Under The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis Art - Orange Yoga Dog Meditates Under The Northern Lights

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In this 'Aurora Borealis Art - Orange Yoga Dog Meditates Under The Northern Lights' I take a look at both the natural majesty of the Northern Lights (also called the Aurora Borealis), which is a natural light display that is mostly seen in the sky in high-latitude regions (i.e. cold places! Around the Antarctic and the Arctic); as well as man's best friend (orange yoga dog in this instance), meditating.

One of the good things about meditating is that it is the ultimate 'portable' hobby. Unlike golf, or tennis, you really don't need to pack any equipment, so wherever you are you can get down to it.

It is the ultimate freedom lovers hobby.

No need to think ahead, or plan where you will be. Wherever you happen to be, that is the right place to meditate.

In this case, orange yoga dog finds himself among the ice and snow, admiring the wild beauty of nature, and decides to sit himself down on a little mound (isn't it great the way that mother nature has the habit of delivering up places to sit and relax, wherever you happen to find yourself?) and soak up all the good energy that is around him, while throwing back some good energy of his own.

In the background you can see the twists and curves of the Northern Lights. In fact, there are actually five main types of auroras according to experts (NOT a yoga dog!)

  • A mild glow, near the horizon. These can be close to the limit of visibility, but can be distinguished from moonlit clouds because stars can be seen undiminished through the glow.
  • Patches or surfaces that look like clouds.
  • Arcs curve across the sky.
  • Rays are light and dark stripes across arcs, reaching upwards by various amounts.
  • Coronas cover much of the sky and diverge from one point on it.

The ones in the picture are sort-of (technical term) 'arcy rays'.

Not sure. They are very pretty though. Of that I am sure.

Orange Yoga Dog is too busy meditating though to notice.


 Anyway, hopefully the canvas also makes YOU feel calm and relaxed and like closing your eyes and meditating.

It would make a colourful addition to any room, with the added benefit that orange yoga dog also matches the color of a certain kind of popular fruit... So, you will commonly find that the color scheme of the picture EXACTLY matches the color of the fruit in your hand.


How cool is that?

Would make a great present for anyone you know who likes dogs, meditating, yoga, the Northern Lights or the color orange.

(Thinking of it that way, how come this canvas isn't already on virtually everyone's walls?)


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