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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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Autumn, to me, feels like a time that was created by the poets.

A time when all the colours of the world mix and mingle and seem to talk to each other. Though not always clearly, but in the language of poetry.

A bit of red here. A dab of brown. A spot of yellow.

All the colours are there. But just like a great poem, it is an evocation of the spirit of a moment, not the literal description.

This "Autumn Leaves" wall art print is my attempt to capture a snapshot of that fall spirit.

Ever feel like life is a journey up and down a mountain that we cannot see?

I do.

Sometimes the view is a joy to behold. Open skies. Warm breezes. A landscape before our eyes that seemingly could go on forever.

Other times it's all fog and rain.

But always we are the onlooker, and whether we choose to splash around happily in the mud with our wellies, or gloomily drag our raingear over our heads and scowl, it is us that are on show, never the weather.

Autumn is like that.

It can feel like a transition between scenes in a play.

Autumn to Winter and change the costume.

But it is so much more than that. A layering of time between a moment that is and a moment that will be.

Like donning the costume of a whirling dervish dancer to spin and spin and feel the very essence of the world blur away until all the colours rushing into our eyes meld into a shifting rainbow in our consciousness.

Take a leaf.

Lying in your hand it may not feel alive. But really it has all the potential of the universe in its essence.

If the flapping of a butterflies wings can cause a tsunami in Asia, then I can but wonder at what the falling of the leaves from a tree in autumn might be doing?

We are but dances of light.

Blink and we are gone.

But all captured somewhere in the sprinkle of stardust, the growing of a new tree, or the falling of a leaf.

With every falling leaf a whisper in another ear that we are the pigmentation of our passions.

Reds and blues and browns and orange and purple and everything in between.

And, just like a leaf is never destroyed, it is simply recreated in another form, our lives are an abundance of colour that we should all be celebrating.

So, this is mine.

A celebration of autumn leaves and colourful lives.

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