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Bison Art - Bright Red Bison

Bison Art - Bright Red Bison

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Brighten up any home with this Bison Art - Bright Red Bison Canvas Print

The American Bison (also called the American Buffalo or just the Buffalo) is the largest surviving terrestrial animal in North America. They are broad and muscular with long coats, grow up to 2 metres in height, 3 metres in length, and weigh up to 2,800 pounds. In every sense they are impressive.

The American Bison is an iconic symbol of the USA. It appears on 20th century US nickels, and in 2016 was designated by President Barack Obama as the first official mammal of the United States (the other 'official animal' being the Bald eagle, which has been the designated national bird of the United States since 1782, when it was first placed with outstretched wings on the Great Seal).

The path to 'official animal' has been equally as rocky for the American Bison, as it was for the American Eagle (where there were 100,000 nesting bald eagles in the late 1800's, there were only 417 breeding pairs left in the continental United States in 1963. Thankfully, this has now turned around substantially, and in 2020 there were said to be 9,700 nesting pairs).

Similarly for the Bison. Around 1800 there were estimated to be up to 60 million Bison in the USA. By 1884 that number had dwindled (due to hunting and mass slaughter of herds) down to just 324 left in the wild. That has since recovered to around 500,000 in 2020. Though, only around 25,000 of those are both roaming free and genetically pure bison (as opposed to ones that also have cattle dna or are farmed). So, still a fraction of past numbers.

It is however heartening that both animals have still remained with us throughout this time . As compared to the following animals that also all used to be common in North America, but which are now extinct:

Eastern Elk - Extinct in 1880
Carolina parakeet - Extinct in 1920
Heath Hen - Extinct in 1932
Passenger Pigeon - Extinct in 1914
Blue Pike - Declared Extinct in 1983

The last known Eastern Elk was killed in Pennsylvania in 1877.

It is humbling to realise that the American Bison could very easily have gone down the same path to oblivion.

The last known wild Bison in Georgia was killed in 1801, and the last two east of the Mississippi River were shot in Wisconsin in 1832.

And from 1832 to 1884 the only way was downwards for the Bison. Only just managing to stay with us as its survival was by no means sure.

Even in the 1880s there was no great clamour to save them, and the numbers only really stabilised at hundreds (where once there were millions).

It wasn't until the 'American Bison Society' was founded in 1905 by Theodore Roosevelt and Bronx Zoo Director, William T. Hornaday, who tasked themselves with saving the species from extinction, that things really began to lookup a little, with much more focus being placed on the preservation of the species.

Thankfully, their numbers are now such that it seems like this amazing creature may be here to stay.

Celebrate that fact with this canvas on your walls! 

What better canvas to have on your wall then one of the very symbols of America?


Great for Decorating a Whole Home

This canvas is available in four different colors :

And also a single canvas 'Bison Pop Art - Four Colored Buffalo-  Andy Warhol Inspired Bison Canvas Print' version which has some different color variations.

(You can see the other single color versions at the links above)

So, with the possibility to purchase 5 different (but similarly themed) canvases, you have a unique opportunity to purchase several variations for different rooms, and have a consistent bison theme throughout your home.


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