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Bison Art - Bright Yellow Bison

Bison Art - Bright Yellow Bison

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Brighten up any home with this Bison Art - Bright Yellow Bison Canvas Print 

At one stage it did look like the American Bison would become extinct, like many species have already done. It is a little known fact, but more than 99 percent of ALL species, amounting to over 5 billion species, that have ever lived on Earth, are estimated to have died out. So, sooner or later, most species become extinct.

More worrying however, is that the extinctions that are happening now are all too frequently not caused by a 'natural' disaster, or an 'extinction event' (such as a meteorite strike). They are caused by humans. Either directly, as was the case with animals like the Dodo, which were simply hunted to extinction, or (almost!) the American Bison, which came within a hairs-breadth of extinction in the 1880s.

It is sobering to reflect that out of the current crop of 8.7 million species on Earth, that a million species of plants and animals are currently at risk of extinction. Given how amazingly diverse and abundant nature is, that is a stunning indictment of our activity.

Around 1800 for example there were estimated to be around 60 million wild bison in the United States. By the turn of the next century (1900) that figure had dropped to around 1000 (and that was actually a RISE on the number in 1884, when it fell to its low of 324).

(Think of 60 million ANYTHING... Think quite how concentrated a killing spree man had to go on to cause that much devastation and death. Truly, it is locust-like in its scale.)

One of the saviours of the Bison was the establishment in March 1872 of Yellowstone National Park, which is mainly to be found in Wyoming (96% of the land space). But which also overlaps relatively small parts of Montana (3%) and Idaho (1%).

It is the only place in the United States that has had a continuous herd of wild-roaming Bison since the 1800s; and where the animals didn't need to be re-introduced.

Even here though, it was close... The current Yellowstone Bison Herd (which in 2015 was estimated to have around 4900 animals in it), is descended from only 23 Bison that survived the mass-slaughter of the 19th Century by hiding out in the Pelican Valley of Yellowstone Park.

Ironically, the population of Bison in the park has now expanded beyond what are felt to be 'ideal' levels, and coupled with a fear of a disease called Brucellosis, many hundreds of the Bison in Yellowstone are still sent to be killed every year.

(There is a campaign called the Buffalo Field Campaign which is fighting to stop this. They say that in 2019-2020, 859 Buffalo were killed in Yellowstone; with 12,575 killed in total since 1985)

So, while things have definitely improved for the Buffalo (not least its PR when it was declared America's 'National Mammal' in 2016).

It still doesn't get all the protection you might expect of this most iconic of animals.

Still, on the art front it is ALWAYS impressive!

What better canvas to have on your wall (and raise awareness of with others) then one of the very symbols of America? (In yellow!)

 Great for Decorating a Whole Home

This canvas is available in four different colors :

And also a single canvas 'Bison Pop Art - Four Colored Buffalo-  Andy Warhol Inspired Bison Canvas Print' version which has some different color variations.

(You can see the other single color versions at the links above)

So, with the possibility to purchase 5 different (but similarly themed) canvases, you have a unique opportunity to purchase several variations for different rooms, and have a consistent bison theme throughout your home.


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