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Bison Stuck in Traffic

Bison Stuck in Traffic

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This wall art print is called 'Bison Stuck in Traffic' (though I guess it could also have been called B1 SON Stuck in Traffic!)

It features that most unlikely of art subjects, a motorway traffic jam (in this case the M25 in the UK; though fill your boots with whatever highway or motorway you like that has been jammed up with cars and vehicles for you just lately) and a herd of miniature Bison.

This one is a 'little' different.

It's not every day after all that you not only see a vehicle with the registration B1 SON, but that also features miniature Bison grazing on the back, and even features teepees!


You may also note that the vehicle is called 'MAN'; at the same time as vehicles with the registrations 'W0 MAN' and 'G1 RL' are also in view over to the right!

(I am putting this all down to providence intervening!!)

Anyways, if you like Bison and dislike traffic jams, then this artwork print is probably for you.

As Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the Stars”.

So, the next time you are in a traffic jam, don't get mad.

Instead, take a deep breath...

Look at the car or truck or tuktuk in front of you and imagine the world of wonders it may contain.

One more day.

One more breath.

One more opportunity to smile.


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