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Bloody Hearts and Storms

Bloody Hearts and Storms

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This "Bloody Hearts and Storms" wall art print is a little less "sunshine and roses" then my normal fare. But the heart desires what the heart desires...

The ways of the heart are many.

They flow in and out like the tides.

Sometime high. Sometimes low. But never still.

The underbelly of all human achievements comes from the heart.

The head may steer the ship at times. But without the heart there would be no vessel to ride in.

This one is about passion.

It is about the raging torrents that are our emotions.

It is the flux of our mind when it is set free to dive deep oceans, ride lightly on currents of air and catch the coat tails of the red devil in our chest.

This is not the clenched fist of indifference. It is the open palm of acceptance that sometimes there are winds that catch the lightest kite and make it soar into the heavens.

Even when storms brew.

Even when tornadoes rotate with the menace of a whirling dervish.

Even when the lightning strikes and the strings of our own hearts are plucked so clearly that it seems to be at a distance.

Our hearts may be bloodied, but always everything is drawn to them still.

Pulled in.

In the picture the heart may be bleeding. The forces may be many. But still it is the interpreter of our dreams and the engine of our best selves.

It is central, because all forces are drawn to it, and all roads lead to it.

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