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Brain on Fire

Brain on Fire

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Enjoy this "Brain on Fire" wall art print with a deep breath and a good dose of peace and quiet.

The world seems to be in a rush, doesn't it?

Social Media. News. The constant clamour of people vying for your attention.

Is the world a better place for all this hurry?

Honestly I'm not sure.

Maybe. Sometimes.

But, mostly, it just all feels kinda 'loud'.

This one reflects that sense of 'noise' and constant harrying of the modern world.

Anyway... So what's this picture all about then...

In this middle you can see a big ol' brain located on the Earth (because with the exception of a few astronauts, none of us have escaped it for too long).

The thoughts are already jumbled up.

They are a mish-mash of colours, because the inputs they are getting are fast and loud, conflicting and confusing.

Here is not the clarity of a single thought, or a focused endeavour. Here is the plague of 'multi-tasking'  (which has always been a crazy idea), of trying to do ten things at once, trying to juggle the priorities of life, all the while knowing that none of the 'busyness' of your life is really making you happy.

It is reflecting the sense that the beam of light that is your power is not laser-focused to cut through any obstacle.

Instead it is like diffused light in a dimly lit room.

Everything so insipidly lit that you can barely make out who you are in the gloom. 

The metaphorical 'creative' half on the right firing off neurons to everyone it knows, and doesn't know. While the 'analytical' half on the left does the same.

(By the way the whole scientific idea of brain hemispheric types is probably on dodgy ground, as like most things, things are never really that simple. But it is nevertheless hellishly convenient if you happen to be creating art. So run with it!)

At the same time getting in information from those same people, news, social media, never sure what is true, false, or merely opinion wrapped up as truth.

And, all the while, eyes are on you.

Eyes everywhere....

Looking at what you say on social media. Staring out at you from cameras wherever you walk.


Judging you. Assessing you. Silently checking if you are on the correct side of "rightspeak".

Cheerful then!!!

On the bright side... It is colourful.

So that's nice.

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