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Brown Fire Breathing Dragon Impressionist Style Set Among A Blue Sky

Brown Fire Breathing Dragon Impressionist Style Set Among A Blue Sky

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This 'Brown Fire Breathing Dragon Impressionist Style Set Among A Blue Sky Canvas Print' has a feeling of movement and energy you are going to love.

In it, you can see a Brown Dragon Breathing Fire. He is dancing around a blue sky that is covered in exotically colored and shaped clouds.

He is moving over a shifting sea that is rolling in and out and there is a feeling that he is in control of his world.

The environment he is in is his. You can see on his face that he is excited to be totally at one with the world around him.

Symbolically in Chinese Art the red sun was indicative of the Emperor. So that as he looked up at the sky, the Dragon was being respectful to the Emperor.

Dragons were very important as a symbol in the Chinese tradition, because the Emperor would wear Dragon robes as a symbol of his power.

Other names for Chinese Dragons are the East Asian Dragon or Eastern Dragon. They were also called Long or Lung Dragons.

You often see them pictured with lots of natural resources such as water, sky, typhoons and clouds, because traditionally they were seen as potent sources of power that could directly influence their surroundings.

In Chinese culture, outstanding and excellent people were compared to a Dragon, while people without achievements were compared to creatures such as worms.

This also appeared frequently in language references. With a number of Chinese idioms and proverbs making reference to Dragons. Here are some examples:

  • "Even a shrimp dares to tease the dragon when it is in the shallow water."
  • "When dragons move they make clouds."
  • "I hope your son will become a dragon."
  • "Sometimes life can be as bitter as dragon tears. But whether dragon tears are bitter or sweet depends entirely on how each person chooses to perceive them."
  • "Better to sit all night than to go to bed with a dragon."
  • "There is not enough room for two dragons in one pond."
  • "Dragons teach us that if we want to climb high we have to do it against the wind."
  • "If you ignore the dragon, it will eat you. If you defy the dragon it will overpower you. But if you ride the dragon, you will take advantage of its strength and power."

Animals were important in Chinese culture. There was felt to be a definite hierarchy of animals, and which ones you could wear on your robes, or have on your walls was closely monitored and controlled.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry!

I give you my permission to have this Dragon on your walls :-) (Like you need it. Right!)

You TOO can feel like an Emperor!

This will look amazing on your walls and act as source of smiles every day as you dive into the curling colorful clouds of the sky and the enticing eyes of the Dragon!

(Feel free to name him/her by the way. At the moment I have a strong inclination to call this Dragon 'Susie'. No idea why :-))


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