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Butterfly Elephants Fly to the Witches Castle

Butterfly Elephants Fly to the Witches Castle

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Butterfly Elephants.

The world clearly needs more of them...

This one is called 'Butterfly Elephants Fly to the Witches Castle' wall art print.

Now, honestly, I have to say that I am pretty proud to have been the 'discoverer' of not one, but two new species of Butterfly Elephant!

The one in the front I am calling 'Stuartarium Gigantosa' (after me, naturally), and the ones at the back I am calling 'Georgoranium Pigmentosa' after George the Westie.

(They always give these things Latin names and name them after themselves when they 'find' a new species, so I don't see why I should be any different?)

Anyway, quite what this lot are doing flying to a Witches Castle is anyone's guess?

It's all very 'Wizard of Oz' isn't it?

(DO NOT now go and listen to this selection of Cackling Witches on YouTube)

I'm not sure whether they are heading over to help out the Witch (aka think 'flying monkeys'), or are carrying over water in their trunks to do the whole 'I'm Melting, I'm Melting!!' gig?)

It's all VERY mysterious.

Along with all the fog floating just above the water, rocks jutting out, and purpley/pink type skies that make you think of a Prince (or 'the artist formerly known as Prince' as he was known in the latter years), it is all very 'goosebumpy' and Halloweeny.

Oh no...Where is the Witch!!!????? 

Anyhow, spot of fantasy art is always a winner.

Sends chills down the spine.

Butterfly Elephants.

You LOVE it!


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