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Butterfly Sailing

Butterfly Sailing

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Freedom is something most of us take for granted, until it is taken away.

This "Butterfly Sailing" wall art print shows a boat beached up on the sands, even though the weather is fine, the sky is blue and the Butterfly sails of freedom are unfurled.

There are moments that define us.

They don't have to be related to world events, though they can be.

Moments in our lives that set a trajectory for the freedoms that we take for granted.

Moments that see freedom slip away as easily as the tide.

As easily as the flapping of a butterflies wings.

There may be good reasons for it.

You will generally be told as much in those moments.

But, if the boat is dragged so far up the shore that its bow never touches water again, and that even the unfurling of a butterflies wings cannot grasp at enough of the air of freedom to take flight, then we are all in trouble.

 At its heart freedom is both delicate and beautiful.

When it alights on us like a butterfly in a meadow, we may not fully appreciate it.

We may dismiss the dance of colours it brings.

The smile it brings to our lips.

Because we have seen it before, and even beauty becomes magnolia after a thousand glances.

This piece of art is just a reminder.

  • To unfurl the wings of your talent whenever you can.
  • To embrace the bold, brave, beautiful parts of yourself that urges you  to be more.
  • To hold on when the darkness lies a heartbeat away, because the sun will rise again, even though it may not feel like it will in that moment.

With each flap of a butterflies wings we are reminded to fly free.

To grasp at those moments that matter and never take them for granted.

P.S I just created a 'Happy' version of this to represent actually being free, where it actually sets sail! You can check it out here - 'Butterfly Sailing in a Sea of Flowers and Dolphins' wall art print.


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