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Butterfly Sailing in a Sea of Flowers and Dolphins

Butterfly Sailing in a Sea of Flowers and Dolphins

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I previously created a wall art print called 'Butterfly Sailing', which showed a boat beached up on the sands, even though the weather was fine, the sky was blue and the Butterfly sails of freedom were unfurled.

It represented the fact that Freedom is something most of us take for granted, until it is taken away.


I thought it was a about time it actually set sail!!!

So, I have created this new wall art print called "Butterfly Sailing in a Sea of Flowers and Dolphins", which is about happier times.

The ones where our sails are unfurled, the fireworks are in view, and it feels like life is giving us flowers and showing us dolphins.

The boat is being steered by a Meerkat, because Meerkats are totally awesome.

(Check out the person waving him away on the right. Nice. He is loved! They will miss him while he's away)

It even has a 'happy' flag!

Check out the flag of 'Meerkatomania' (I just made that up. But I REALLY, REALLY, want it to exist), complete with multi-coloured lines and three daisies.

Sidenote: Why doesn't every world flag features Daisies? It's a mystery, right?


Anyway, happy times freedom lovers!

Secretly, I know you were all waiting with baited breath for the 'follow-up' to my 'Butterfly Sailing' art print, so here it is.


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