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Cow, Meerkats and a Hedgehog on a Spring Hilltop

Cow, Meerkats and a Hedgehog on a Spring Hilltop

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Cows, Meerkats and Hedgehogs!

Clearly this group of animals were always destined to be bestest buds (pinky swear and all that).

This wall art print is called 'Cow, Meerkats and a Hedgehog on a Spring Hilltop', because that is exactly what it is.

In the background you can see subtle blue sky and in the foregound are thicker tufts of grass and assorted flowers of different colours.

I can't help wondering what is over the brow of that hill? Does it dip down to a valley? Or is it on the edge of a high-mountain plateau? We can't be sure.

What we do know though is that this cow is taking it nice and easy, seemingly at one with the world. No doubt having already enjoyed the rich grazing opportunities that this stretch of nature is clearly providing.

So, has happily plonked themselves down on the grass and is taking things nice and easy.

(Could be that they are totally knackered out after climbing a hill? Er helloooooo? Why are you climbing a hill my bovine friend?)

You can see three Meerkats to the left, two of whom are looking directly at the cow.

(Perhaps it is love?)

Honestly, not totally sure how the hell three Meerkats came to be on the brow of this hill?

It is probably one of those great mysteries of life (like where all our tax money goes, or why it always rains immediately after you have had a haircut), that we will just never know the answer too.

Live with it peoples.


Efficacious like the air. 

Meerkats are awesome.

I just want to go shake their hands whenever I see one (which admittedly is rarely in this neck of the woods. I only tend to make it to the African savannah intermittently.)

Still, why have one Meerkat on your walls when you could have three?

Makes sense right?

In front of Bessy the Cow (not sure why I am calling her that? Could be a he? Dave the Cow?) Is a Hedgehog. One of those creatures that are hopelessly cute (unless you happen to be a worm, in which case they are a deadly predator).

The main protagonist is very chilled.

If I was a cow (again an admittedly unlikely occurrence), then I would be this guy/gal.

Bessy is the Female James Bond of the Cow world.

Anyway, there you have it.

Cow, Meerkats and a Hedgehog on a Spring Hilltop.

All makes sense, right?

Ohhh, ok... It's colourful and goes with your blue sofa.



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