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Cupcake Art - Meditating on Cup Cakes

Cupcake Art - Meditating on Cup Cakes

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In this "Cupcake Art - Meditating on Cup Cakes Canvas Print" we combine two of the best things you can possibly do... Meditate AND Eat Cupcakes!

Meditation. Awesome right?

Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. Love it! But...

If you are anything like me, you will start off with great intentions to meet and greet a higher spiritual place in your daily meditation. But then your mind will sometimes wander...

Honestly, today my mind wandered to cup cakes!


Hence the canvas!

The words on the canvas are:


(Complete with hearts. So that you can feel even better that cupcakes really are worth meditating about.)

In the background of this canvas the cup cakes blend into the universe and the morass of thoughts, representing the tumult of the mind and cosmic space.

It's all kinda mixed up. Because that's what thoughts are like.

The thing about the 'tumult of the universe' is that it does have the advantage of being very colorful. So, much of that vibrancy has made it onto this canvas print.

This will either help you to think the deep, deep thoughts that you were really intending to be thinking when you started on your daily meditation, or it may at least help you think of the location online of some new cupcake recipes that you can try!

Either is probably a win.

In fact, let's be honest. Baking is a bit like meditation anyway, because you tend to get into the zone when you do it, time flies on by, because you are in a flow state, and the end result is always rewarding!

In any case, this is a piece of art that would look amazing on your walls.

That blank spot in the kitchen... That was surely always destined to be filled up with a happy combo of cupcake art and meditation art. Right?

In my case the thoughts that I had were very random (apart from the cup cakes...those were very specific!)

But I didn't manage to magic up any recipe ideas. So I'm probably stuck with the art!

All of this fun and games is presented on a wrap-around style of canvas, that I'm sure you will love.

This stunning canvas will be a talking point in any room, immediately adding to the conversation and act as a colorful addition to your living space.

And if you (like me) are an imperfect meditator (but continue to try), then hopefully this canvas will make you smile and remind you that perfection is over-rated and that it is more important to keep meditating (and eating cup cakes!)


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