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Dental Art - I Love Myself Dentists Not So Much

Dental Art - I Love Myself Dentists Not So Much

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This canvas is called, "Dental Art - I Love Myself Dentists Not So Much Canvas Print" and is a journey through one-girls emotions as she sits in the waiting room at the dentists.

On the left she is reading 'TOOTH' magazine (which Dentists waiting room would be complete without a copy of this mythical journal?).

(On the back is a lovely spread about tooth extraction. Nice!)

Still, the dentists waiting room is reflecting her mood, and on the wall above her head is my Uncle Sam canvas which says:


(Conveniently, I have that very same canvas available here)

She is a happy camper. She shuffles through bored thoughts, good thoughts, blank thoughts, and makes a phone call (a dentist with a landline! Who knew such a thing existed! This is clearly one of those 'retro', vintage type deals - note the brown sofa folks! Very chic.)

She is still happy though, and above her head is another canvas of two planets kissing and saying, you guessed it, 'I LOVE MYSELF'.

(Conveniently, that too is available here.)

Before it finally dawns on her on the right that she is at the dentists! (And probably about to get a tooth extracted).

Oh no!

The wall art reflects her mood once more, and above her head it reads (As a follow on from the previous two 'I LOVE MYSELF' messages:


(NOT currently available! Sorry about that.)

Anyhow, all in good fun.

I love you all Dentists. Really I do.

If you have teeth then you should probably get this canvas.

Just saying.


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