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Dog Flower Vase in the Cat Revolution

Dog Flower Vase in the Cat Revolution

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It has finally happened!!!

Cats have taken over the world!!!

In this "Dog Flower Vase in the Cat Revolution" canvas art print I present all the evidence you need to prove it is so!

You may, or may not know, that I have a long-standing fear of cats taking over the world (especially the orange tabby cats - when you look into their eyes there is certainly much plotting going on).

In my first 'evidential' art around the subject, 'Orange Cats World Domination', I showed the first wave of the 'invasion' as cloned cats rained down on an unsuspecting world.

(I am nearly weeping here folks at the memory of it. Plus, you couldn't get a pint of milk for your cornflakes for almost a week afterwards. The shame!)

Well, anyway, in this follow art work up you can see what happened next!

The dogs fought bravely.

Heroes they were. Heroines of the four-legged kind (unless they had three legs of course, like this cute guy)

But no!!

EVIL... PURE EVIL.. Triumphed!!

No! Oh No! Save us all!!

(Please note - DO NOT Listen to the Star Wars - Darth Vader Theme (it's here on YouTube by the way!) while reading about this picture)

The waves of cloned orange tabby cats kept on coming.

There were too many of them to stop!

People were forced to take time off work to stroke their bellies and feed them sardines, there were that many of them.

(You can see the second wave in the view out of the window in this one)

'Max' (or 'Evil Cat Archlord Visionary Max' as he likes to be called) is sunning himself on a nice spot by the window.

He has arranged his flowers, as you might expect (cats have good taste in flowers - it's one of their 'things').



Can it be!?

Surely not!!

He has added extra flowers made out of dogs heads!

Evil! Pure evil.

(Colourful though, in fairness)

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