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Dreams of Christmas - Xmas Art Print

Dreams of Christmas - Xmas Art Print

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In this 'Dreams of Christmas - Xmas Art Print' I celebrate that most joyous times of year! (With a bit of 'brain wave action' thrown in for good measure!)

This one is for everyone who loves Christmas (I include myself in that happy band).

Pictured in it you can see someone's brain and they are dreaming about Christmas.

You can see all the neurons firing up, diving along all the ridges and glowing in a lovely yellow colour (because that's what I imagine brains do when they think about Christmas!)

At the same time all kinds of random thoughts about the festive season are popping into view, such as Santa in his red coat.

(which we really have to thank illustrator Haddon Sundblom for. He was a Michigan based artist from the USA, who was commissioned by Coca-Cola in 1931 to come up with advertising images for Santa Claus. He came up with the fat, jolly fellow with the red coat and big white beard that most of us now associate with 'Santa').

You can also see a Christmas Tree to the left.

(which originated in Germany in the 16th Century, but which didn't really start becoming widespread in the USA and Worldwide until the mid 19th Century when Great Britain's Queen Victoria and her German Prince, Albert, were sketched in The Illustrated London News (the social media of its day!) in 1846 standing with their children by a Christmas Tree. As a result it immediately became fashionable to have a tree at Christmas both in Britain and the USA, with the popularity of Christmas ornaments developing over the coming years from fruit, nuts and cookies to the baubles that now adorn most of our trees.)

You can also see that our thinking persons brain is also awash with thoughts of presents! 

(Clearly the top three present ideas have to be Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. I am holding out for Gold.)

But, most of all, there is always love. You can see it milling around constantly in the form of hearts and loving sentiments that are scattered throughout. Because ultimately Christmas is really about showing your love for people that you care about, and them showing it right back to you.

The imagery of Christmas and the gift giving are supportive of that. It makes us feel safe to think of Santa. To think of trees and presents and that people care.

Our brains jump all over the place. We all have thousands of thoughts every day. Each of them its own little synaptic miracle.

I just think it is nice that there is one time of year where a goodly amount of those thoughts are NOT about random acts of violence, pandemics and other bad news.

Instead, they are taken up with thoughts that turn our brains yellow with synaptic joy and which make us smile.

That is worth celebrating with art.

To be human sometimes means experiencing pain. 

But there is pleasure there folks! Plenty of pleasure. So, I for one am only too happy to be a card carrying, art creating, shout it from the rooftops type flag-waver for Christmas.

Thank you Santa.

P.S. I'd like a Porsche to go with my Universal Peace and love PLEASE.


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