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Elephant says Kiss My Ass to Deforestation

Elephant says Kiss My Ass to Deforestation

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Smart animals you're average elephant.

(I'm actually just guessing here. I honestly haven't met that many elephants as acquaintances. So maybe I have just met all the smart ones?)


In this "Elephant says Kiss My Ass to Deforestation" wall art print, this one is pretty smart.

The picture and the title says it all really.

He has a big ol' kiss on his butt (whoever did the kissing must have had VERY big lips. Just saying...)

Let's be honest. Chopping up your favourite chair for firewood is none too smart. So humans are getting a D-Minus currently for the rate at which they are doing exactly that to the rainforests around the world which are our lungs and living rooms to a green and pleasant world.

In the foreground you can see the forests burning, even while our elephant friend is walking on tarmac, which you can bet your last dollar was man-made.

(You can read all the bad news about Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest in this Wikipedia article.)

Not all bad news though!

This is an elephant with a kiss on his butt! 

So that's nice.

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