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Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul is a phrase that has wafted down to us since at least the middle of the 15th Century.

It's exact etymology isn't known, because while many famous people have uttered it, including Shakespeare in his sonnets, it seems likely that it was well known even in the Bards time.

Nevertheless, it pulls at us. 

It is one of those phrases that 'feels' timeless.

Feels like it has always been with us; and that in a similar way to Michelangelo's quote, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free", has always existed as an idea, even in times when the words themselves may have been unstated.

When we look into someone's eyes we are swimming with their very essence.

We are dutifully tugging at their heart and their mind and listening for secrets.

The world in those moments is one of rhythm and colour and depth. It is a dance with the real them that is stripped away and revealed in a glance.

In truth they are never truly set apart, for we are atoms in a stream of forever that knows no boundaries.

But still a snapshot.

A glance. A look. A moment when who they are shouts so loudly in the silence that we cannot hear ourselves thinking.

So that the colours merge and the seasons ebb and flow as my soul is your soul and your soul is my soul.

A grand dance.

One worth remembering when we feel alone, or don't have the words to express what is inside us.

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