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Feminine Energy Art - I Love Myself Stronger Together

Feminine Energy Art - I Love Myself Stronger Together

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This work is called, "Feminine Energy Art - I Love Myself Stronger Together Canvas Print" and is all about how while it's vital to love yourself, that the bonds of family and friendship make you even stronger.

You can see three women staring out across the sea towards the sun. They are arm in arm. They are united.

They may be sisters, family members or they may be friends. Or a combination of all three. What is clear is that they are bonded. Each of them has the others back.

Together they form an unbreakable chain that means that whatever life throws at them they can deal with it.

This is really a canvas about strength.

It is about Feminine Energy. But it's about so much more than that.

It is about the strength you have within you and how when you join with others you trust, and who trust you, it can be an amplification of that energy.

The words on the canvas are:



There is no show here. No drama. These women don't have to tell each other they have the others back. It is a truth that is self-evident to each of them based on their experience of each other.

Because strength does not have to be showy.

Strength can be calm.

When you know, you know.

This is a canvas for anyone who has someone in their lives who they can count on.

Someone who would take the 3 a.m phone call and come and get you, if you asked.

We all of us have lots of 'acquaintances'.

Friends on Facebook. People at work we hang out with.

That's nice.

But, when the night draws in. When the quiet still of our minds asks us the question, 'Who is REALLY there for me?' Then most of us can count that number in the very few.

Perhaps they might like to receive this?

Showing you care isn't being showy. That's just doing something nice for someone you like and who you know likes you.

Or, maybe you'd like a reminder on your walls that while we all plough the fields of life alone, that there are some people willing to lend a helping hand and a smile along the way? 

Maybe seeing this on your walls will remind you that you have some of those people in your life, and that really is a blessing.

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