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Fire Breathing Dragon Beneath A Burning Red Sky

Fire Breathing Dragon Beneath A Burning Red Sky

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This 'Fire Breathing Dragon Beneath A Burning Red Sky Canvas Print' evokes the magic and mysticism of the finest Dragon art, and is one that you can enjoy on many levels.

This picture is based on 'rank badges' from the 18th century in China (with embellishments!) 

Rank badges are also called 'Mandarin Squares' or 'Rank Insignia'. These were used in China for hundreds of years between the Ming (1368-1644) and the Qing (1644-1911) dynasties in order to show rank.

(On my Red Chinese Dragon page I talk about some of the different animals on the ones during the Ming period :-))

They were actually introduced in China in 1391, and they were literally like the insignia badges that you might see on the lapels of a General (only more colorful and considerably more decorative!)

This one is based on examples from the Qing period (though, honestly jazzed up a lot for arts sake!)

In it you can see a beautiful white dragon. You can see a colorful representation of the Universe. He is looking up at a red sun, and is surrounded by clouds of all different colors. In the middle you can see a burning red sky that flickers with flames, and the red color of this changes as you move up through the canvas.

The sun was representative in rank badges like this of the Emperor, and one of the symbolic meanings if you wore such a badge, was that the wearer was loyal to him.

Take a close look at the exquisite detail in these artwork. You will see something new every time you look at it!

Below it at the bottom you can see a visual representation of the sea, with curving and curling waves of blue and green.

It has a real feeling of flow and vitality. 

This is a fantastic journey into ancient Chinese mysticism and the art of the Dragon!

The effortless combination of colors on the canvas print can be a match for virtually any room (and if you love vibrant colors, then you will REALLY love this canvas!)

Take a look at the mockup images on this page and imagine for yourself how it will look on your walls, admire the detail, and enjoy the feeling of vibrancy it gives you.

This stunning canvas will be a talking point in any room, immediately adding to the conversation and act as a stunning and colorful addition to your living space.


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