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Frog Envy

Frog Envy

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Frog Envy.

The stuff of legends...  (if you happen to be a frog!)

This one is a 'Frog Envy' wall art print which shows two envious (and rather green!) frogs, looking on at a:

  • More colorful
  • Larger than Life, Frog

Who also happens to have a bigger and more comfortable looking (lily) pad to hang out on.

(Frog art. It's deep folks.)

 Now, I'm sure that none of you do that envy stuff.

You are all far too developed spiritually.

Into yoga and all that jazz.

You may even drink green tea. Though, honestly that may be a step too far. Personally I am a firm believer that hot chocolate with whipped cream, copious amounts of marshmallows, and a nice sprinkle of choccy flakes is the most 'spiritually enlightened' of all beverages.

I digress.

Did you know that there are apparently 4,810 known species of frogs?

(That is a lot of little green amphibians!)

Honestly. I think the ones in the this are a three new species.

So, that's nice.

Looks good on your walls AND sheds new light on species diversity.

It's clearly a win/win.

Anyway, this one is for all the frog lovers out there who have been secretly wishing to cover their most meaningful walls with frog art.

Have at it frog fans!

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