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Gold Dragon Art - Twisting Golden Dragon

Gold Dragon Art - Twisting Golden Dragon

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This 'Gold Dragon Art - Twisting Golden Dragon Canvas Print' is a fantastic journey into ancient Chinese mysticism and the exquisite art of the Dragon!

In this one you can see a vivacious, bright eyed dragon as he twists and turns in and out of the canvas.

There is a real feeling of movement here, and the firm sense that he has somewhere to be. 

You can see his eyes just pointing out from the bottom left of the canvas, even as the rest of his body seems to emerge and then unmerge from the left and top-right of the canvas. 

All along his body you can see golden scales that seem to glitter right off the print.

At the top right you can see a fierce clawed hand that speaks of a creature that is used to getting its own way, and which knows how to enforce it.

We also know that this is an 'Imperial Dragon' which would have been used to mixing with the Emperor, because it has 5 claws, as opposed to 4, which denotes such a distinction in ancient Chinese art.

There is a sly cunning in its eyes that tells you that if violence is needed, this is a creature that can take care of itself, but that there are other strings to its bow, and that it is also capable of applying intelligence to any problem. 

Look into the background of this picture and you get to enjoy a beautiful panoply of swirls and flowers in various permutations, colors and arrangements.

Most notably, there is a vivid red color to the background, which we might think of as either a sea of red or a sky of red. Either way, we can see the dense arrangement of nature all around it.

There are dark blue petals, green petals, red and cream flowers, and stalks that seem as though they are emerging from the dragon itself.

In every sense we can feel the harmonious flow.

On the one hand the dragon...

On the other the flux of nature in full bloom...

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