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Golden Dragon Search For The Dragon Inside Yourself

Golden Dragon Search For The Dragon Inside Yourself

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This 'Golden Dragon Search For The Dragon Inside Yourself Canvas Print' re-creates with digital art  the feeling of a piece of ancient lace being stretched over a canvas.

At the heart of this canvas (surrounded by a flame) is the message:

"Search For The Dragon Inside Yourself"

To remind yourself, on a daily basis, that life is a great adventure and that you need to seize every day with the same passion and excitement that a Dragon of folklore might.

(We have another 'Golden Dragon' here if you really want to explore this more)

If this guy was parachuted into your heart and you had the same verve, passion, endeavour and drive that he does, then how would your life look?

Today, probably not very different (apart from a weird fascination that you might experience looking at the flames on the gas stove in your kitchen!)

But, gradually, over the coming weeks, months and years how would approaching your life with true fire and passion make it different?

Can you imagine it?

Perhaps you can't.

All of us sometimes have the experience of where things go wrong. Either to us, our businesses, people we love, our health, or the world around us.

We don't always have control over these events.

To put it politely... Stuff happens.

But the fire in you?... That never really goes out.

It's always there, waiting for you to see it and embrace it.

At worst it is like a volcano.

"Man...this thing seems to be like a lump of rock! Nothing much seems to be happening, other then that things live on it, seemingly unconcerned about what they are living on."

Yet, every now and then... That puppy EXPLODES!

And you know what, when it does, the earth moves!

The same is true with you.

Just because you have been asleep for the longest time, doesn't mean you can't wake up.

The power never leaves you my friend.

Ever heard of Pompei?

It was an ancient Roman city in Italy. (Amazing place by the way. If you ever get a chance to take a trip there and have a look around, then absolutely do it. It really is cool!)

There is no evidence that the locals even knew that Mount Vesuvius was even active, prior to it exploding in 79CE.

It had been dormant that long.

But when it did... they sure knew about it!

Now. No need to cause death and destruction!

You can 'explode' your passions out in ways that enrich yourself and others physically, spiritually and materially (this website is something of an example for me. It's all LOVE baby!)

But you just need to figure out what that is for you.

Where will you direct your flame?

Have this on your walls to remind yourself of the flame that burns bright in your chest.

That you are a force.

That when you unleash your flames the whole world will turn in your direction and feel a little warmer in the light of YOUR passion!


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