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Yellow Yoga Dog Practices Yoga Beneath A Green Aurora Borealis Sky

Yellow Yoga Dog Practices Yoga Beneath A Green Aurora Borealis Sky

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The Aurora Borealis ('Northern Lights') is kinda amazing, right? It's a natural light display in the sky that is mostly seen in high-latitude regions (around the Antarctic and the Arctic).

Yellow Yoga Dog certainly thinks so!

If you look at pictures of the aurora borealis, then you quickly find that green is the most common color, though you can also see blue, red, ultraviolet, infrared, yellow and pink - though yoga dog hasn't seen those yet - or in fact the green...

Science update...  Dogs' eyes only have two cones. This means that not only can they not perceive the colors red or green, but they can't perceive shades containing either of those colors, such as pink, purple, and orange. Dogs are also unable to perceive subtle changes in a color's brightness or shade.

Just as well Yoga Dog has Sixth Sense then!

Not that any of that puts off yoga dog! He 'senses' something is happening! That is what practicing yoga (as a dog!) does for you! It heightens you doggy sixth sense!)

So, yoga dog was only too happy (especially as he has a thick coat, so doesn't mind practicing his yoga asanas outdoors), to commune with nature and do some advanced moves under the green glow (that he can't see) of the Northern Lights.

FUN FACT.... The term Aurora Borealis was coined by Galileo in 1619, from the Roman goddess of the dawn and the Greek name for the north wind. (So, now you know!)

Anyway, history aside... One of the cool things about the aurora borealis is that because it is a 'light' show in the sky, is that it also has the effect of coloring all the land that it shines on. It's a bit like a filter on a camera in that regard. So, that when you have a strong aurora event, all of the land also takes on that glow.

In this canvas, you can see that with the mountain to the side of yellow yoga dog, the smattering of snow all over the ground, and the body of water where you can see the shadow of yoga dog shimmering on the surface, at the same time as his face takes on the greenish glow of the sky.

All rather atmospheric!

If I was yoga dog, I'm not sure that practicing my yoga asanas in a normal yoga studio would ever feel quite as good after this!

So, just as well it was captured for posterity!

You can now enjoy it on your walls. Getting three great things in one!

1/ A dog practicing yoga.
2/ A green aurora borealis sky (makes you feel like you want to go on holiday doesn't it?!)
3/ An example of how to do a one-handed handstand type move, while also having your legs at 90 degree angles to each other (priceless for the advanced yogis among you).

Anyhow, enjoy having it on your wall.

Feel free to kiss yoga dog every morning before your practice.

He likes that!


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