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Hippo Showing Off Her Mouth Bling

Hippo Showing Off Her Mouth Bling

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Clearly awesome (though the jury is out on whether or not they have been eating all the pies... Would I let them near the Christmas Cake and Mince Pies come festive season? Probably not.)

Anyways, it struck me that your average Hippopotamus is probably very proud of all their mouth 'bling' (which is why I am guessing they open their mouth so often?)

Hence the fact that this wall art print is called. "Hippo Showing Off Her Mouth Bling".

(Yep. Could be male. Yawn. It's a Hippo.)

This one happens to be female.

Why? Dunno. I just 'sense' with my 'spidey sense' that this is the case.

I feel pretty certain that left to her own devices 'Bertha' (for that is what I have nicknamed her), would be having all kinds of pampering type treatments.

Getting male hippos to spray her with mud (or whatever your average Hippo does for shits and giggles.)

What is clear though is that Bertha has gone the extra mile here.

Not only does she have two types of 'blingy' gold jewellery (yep. that IS the way we spell it in the UK all you US folks!) around and through her bottom toothy pegs (technical term).


She has also grown a rather awesome tree, complete with all foliage, on her tongue!

That just goes above and beyond doesn't it?

I mean, honestly ladies. If you were a Hippo (not saying you are! I have a feeling that if I were to ask my female friends, 'Do you think you look like a Hippo?' That it may not go down too well!!); then can you see any male Hippo going to all that bother of actually growing a tree on their tongue?

I think not.

This 'tongue tree' is the female hippos equivalent of wearing high-heel shoes, or short skirts on a cold day.

Female Hippos. They just go the extra mile to impress.

Anyhow, remember, I said you are NOT a Hippo!! 

You just like Hippo Art.

(Not the same thing. Honest!)

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