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Hokusai Wave Art - Yoga Cow Practices Yoga Asanas on the Bow of a Boat

Hokusai Wave Art - Yoga Cow Practices Yoga Asanas on the Bow of a Boat

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Yoga Cow is fearless right!!I

She lets NOTHING stop her from practicing her yoga asanas. Not being in a storm, Not being on a boat. Not even when she is about to be drenched by a Hokusai wave of epic proportions!

I was thinking about Yoga Cow and her fearless nature when I came up with this beauty. (Obviously, tons of kudos as well to our man Hokusai. This is my more 'modern' take on his most famous print 'The Great Wave off Kanagwa').

Originally, Hokusai used woodblock printing, so the designs were in ink. But I actually think that 'The Great Wave off Kanagwa' deserves a more textured feel to the design, in order to add atmosphere and a sense of the great majesty and power of nature.

So I've added a nice thick oil paint effect to the finished design, so that if you look closely at the mockups, it is as though it's been painted and has a real sense of movement, and will look look great on the prints.

Anyhow, back to Yoga Cow...

This yoga canvas art print is for every yoga practitioner who has ever conquered the nagging little voice in their head that goes something like this...

I don't have to do my yoga practice today because...

* I did more than usual yesterday * I have a sore foot * It's too early * I can do a meditation instead * A bath would be more relaxing * I have shopping to do * It's a monday, tuesday, wednesday... (you get the idea)

In truth there is always a 'good' reason not to do things that are 'good' for us.

But when you do them anyway, THAT is when you grow.

Yoga Cow knows this.

She is fearless!

She does what needs to be done.

She does her yoga practice no matter what.

You are fearless too!

This canvas will be a daily reminder of your power. 

See it. Feel it. Do your yoga practice.



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