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Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

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Hope Springs Eternal.

That is the title of this art print.

The world is not always an easy place.

Sometimes it feels crumpled up.

A little ripped.

Sometimes we aren't sure where the boundaries of our lives are.

If they will pass between the light and the dark.

What shades they may take on.

Quite often it just doesn't feel very clear.

That can be for anything. 

Love and relationships.




There isn't usually a giant neon arrow in the sky that tells you which way to go (though honestly, now I think of it, I LOVE that idea! So may well create one!)

But what there is are people who will step through the darkness for you.

Or, a moment of grace, where you meet someone special for the first time.

Just at that moment when it feels darkest.

When the night is closing in and there are no stars, and all you have is that internal light that warms you enough to get you to hold on.

Then, seemingly in an instant, the facade is ripped away, and you are re-awoken by a loving gesture, a glance across a room, or a palpable sense that you have just met someone who is going to be important in your life.

It has to be said, that when those moments happen, the rip in the fabric of your existence isn't always accompanied by a meerkat carrying a bunch of roses!

(Wouldn't that be nice?!)

But I like to think of it that way.

It may be flowers, or a cup of tea, or a smile offered with an open heart.

Most important moments are not accompanied with a fanfare.

At the time they seem like pleasant wisps. Enjoyable, but made of the same ether of existence as everything else in our lives.

Sometimes it is only when we rise for air from a swim in the oily blackness that we remember those moments and smile.

This meerkat is sending you love and a bunch of red roses.

I hope you accept them into your heart and light up inside.

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