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I ♥ U

I ♥ U

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I ♥ U

It is a sentiment that all of us would like to hear more often.

This 'I ♥ U' wall art print attempts to get your walls in on the heartfelt good vibes!


It features Meerkats. So, that alone is likely to cheer you up!

Personally, I think Meerkats are kinda awesome. The animal equivalent of Elvis. I feel pretty confident that if 'Blue Suede Shoes' were to be played near a Meerkat that they would instantly dance and don a pair of gold-rimmed specs.

They are just cool like that.

In this one you can see a family of Meerkats by a big ol' burning bonfire. They are all holding their sparklers, and are spelling out 'I ♥ U' with them.

The fire is burning bright, you can see the heat haze on their fur, and all is right with the world.

They love and are being loved.

What more can any of us hope for?

If today you don't feel as loved as you should, then just know that I am sending you love. 

Really, I am. All kinds of love and good karma and warm-feelings.

All that fuzzy stuff that lifts our spirits.

That makes us feel alive.

That lets us know that the raging forces of love and passion are given and received even in the quiet moments. 

That the ether of space and time cannot separate us.

That we are one with the world and the world is one with us.

That when your head touches the pillow tonight a thousand-fold folk will be quietly whispering good intent in your direction.

I know it as certainly as I know the wind on my face, the raindrops falling down my neck, or the warmth from the sun.

We are but parts of stars.

It is in our natural order to shine, to love and to be loved.

I hope this one reminds you of that.

I ♥ U.


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