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I Love Myself Lord Kitchener Recruitment

I Love Myself Lord Kitchener Recruitment

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In this 'I Love Myself Lord Kitchener Recruitment Canvas Print' you get to enjoy a classic piece of British advertising history with a whole new self loving twist!

This piece of art is based on a combination of the famous 1914 'Lord Kitchener Wants You' design by Alfred Leete, with his finger pointing directly at you, and his original 'Your King and Country Need You' poster that was the one that had originally caught the eye of Kitchener.

This was used to recruit soldiers into the British army during the First World War.

The design also later caught the eye of the American military, who adopted a similar recruitment design in 1917, replacing Kitchener pointing his finger with Uncle Sam. (also pointing his finger).

That 1917 poster by J.M Flagg was so successful and iconic that it was used to recruit U.S. soldiers for both World War 1 AND World War II with an 'Uncle Sam' design.

(You can find my 'adaptation' of that one here)

This 'I Love Myself Lord Kitchener Recruitment Canvas' has been adapted to make loving yourself the central message.

Lord Kitchener is now being used in this canvas to actively recruit yourself into loving yourself!

The words on the canvas are:


I've set it on a background of a British flag (actually based on the original Alfred Leete design), which has all the signs of age that you'd expect from a 100 year plus old flag! (For example, stains in the bottom left, scratches etc. It's all deliberate to give it a sense of having been around for a while!)

The flag then wraps right around the sides of this canvas wrap canvas, so that it can create a visual spectacle from every angle that you see the canvas.

I've added in a nice heart as well, so that Lord Kitchener can throw out even more love to the world!

This canvas will be a talking point in any room, is great for all the Brits out there, and will remind you on a daily basis of a positive message that all of us need to believe and act upon on a daily basis.

Great to get in a pair with the Uncle Sam Canvas!


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