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I Love Myself Love Triangle

I Love Myself Love Triangle

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This "I Love Myself Love Triangle Canvas Print" is a re-thinking of the idea of a "Love Triangle" :-)

Normally, when we think of a 'love triangle' we think of it as a bit negative. As three people all vying for each others attention, where inevitably someone is going to get hurt.

Well, all love triangles aren't created equal!

In this one you have a rooftop view of a green roof, with three triangle shaped windows (perhaps they are windows into your world, perhaps not).

In each window is one word, that spells out the words:


In the middle are the words:


With a rather lovely kiss (as seeing lipstick on a collar is one way that folklore would have us believe many folk find out they are in a love triangle in the first place!).

So, anyway, it's ok to be in a love triangle, as long as the one in question is all about loving yourself!

Have this on your wall to remind you of that fact, feel good about yourself every day, and to make you smile when it unexpectedly catches your eye :-)

(I've created this as a canvas wrap, so that the green tiles flow over all the sides as well, so whatever angle you look at this canvas from you'll have a lovely sense of movement and flowing lines.)

Woo Hoo!!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS! (Or at least three of you!)


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