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I Love Myself Two Planet Earths Kissing

I Love Myself Two Planet Earths Kissing

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In this 'I Love Myself Two Planet Earths Kissing' you can see the unusual sight of two planet Earth's having a kiss!

Philosophically, you can take this canvas print in quite a few different ways.

Is it a metaphor for loving the Planet we live on?

Is it a metaphor for loving yourself the same way you love the planet?

Is it a statement about how self-love really is at the root of everything, and that from a foundation of loving yourself fully, everything becomes possible?

Is it 'really' two Planet Earth's? Or is it one Planet deciding how to love itself?

Or, is it just a piece of cool art that looks rather sparky and nice on the wall, and that is good enough?

I'll let you decide.

The words on the canvas are:


Personally, I just think it's nice that they are having a kiss!

We all need to kiss more (even planets!)

That is one activity that definitely brings joy.

So, maybe it's just that all of us need more kisses on the walls of our homes?

That's probably it!

Kisses to all of you XXXXXXXXXXXXX


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