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I Wish I Were An Elephant

I Wish I Were An Elephant

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This I Wish I Were An Elephant Canvas Print draws on a long tradition of elephants wandering around in watery wastelands, being petted by elegant maidens while carrying a piece of cheese on their head. 

Oh ok...maybe not.

But I liked the idea nevertheless.

In the background you can see a mouse holding his hand (paw?) over his face and thinking to himself:

"I Wish I Were an Elephant"

Because, let's face it, our large friend does look like he is getting the better part of life's deal (in this moment at least).

Of course it may well be that things will turn around...

So, perhaps as with so many envious moments in life our mouse friend is seeing things in the wrong way?

Just because the elephant has love and cheese doesn't mean that he cannot have any.

The fact that what appears to be a desolate wasteland can in fact be plentiful and replete with abundance is surely a good thing?

If you look closely you can see flowering thoughts in the harshest of circumstances.

Where there is one enormous block of cheese there are most likely more.

After all, what was the cheese cut from?

What is on show is a mere portion of the abundance that is really on offer.

Somewhere else is the other 7/8ths of this block of cheese.

Somewhere else the girls friends are probably petting other creatures.

(Perhaps one of them loves mice?)

Sure, a moment of envy may serve him, if it motivates him to uncover those eyes and get busy creating abundance in his own life. If it lights a fire under him to take action (though that admittedly may be practically difficult among a load of water!)

But more then a moment won't serve him.

Just like it doesn't serve any of us.

'Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'' - So goes the phrase from the Shawshank Redemption. And it's very true.

There is nothing permanent under the sky.

Only our attitude makes it so.

So, I'm rooting for the elephant.

I'm rooting for the girl.

And I'm also rooting for the mouse.

If there is a mouse in you that wishes it were an elephant, then perhaps this might be a good daily reminder to uncover your eyes and seek out your own brand of truth.

The cheese (and the love) is out there!



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