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Last Drinks at the Rainforest Bar

Last Drinks at the Rainforest Bar

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Enjoy a drink with this "Last Drinks at the Rainforest Bar Wall Art Print" and raise your glass to our furry friends and the places they hang out.

Here we seem to have a rather convivial scene.

A bunch of furry friends gathered together for a drink and a catch up at a bar on the edge of a Rainforest (don't get me started on how whoever built it managed to get planning permission to build it there in the first place.)

We have our old friend the Orange Tabby cat, who is once more dreaming about World Domination (Yep. I know he isn't exactly your standard 'Rainforest Dweller'. But even megalomaniac orange tabby cats need to hang out with friends some of the time.) 

Next to him is an extremely large, and very fat Meerkat, with an exceedingly long tail. He is saying to his friend the monkey:

"And that is just my TAIL!"

(I can't think of what he is referring to?)

He may as well not bother. The monkey is in an entirely different headspace, thinking about who knows what, starring rather blankly into space (perhaps he had too much of the good stuff? It is a last drink after all?)

To the right of him is a rather small bear. 

He is thinking about honey.

No idea why. But, let's be honest, it is as good a thing to think about as anything.

In the background though, reality looms... with a 'For Sale' sign in the Rainforest ground.

You can close your eyes and listen to the music. Dance. Have a drink, smile and joke with your friends. But all the while the world is doing it's nefarious thing...

In terms of the Rainforests, the statistics are staggering:

1/ Every single minute...

About 36 football fields’ worth of trees are lost due to deforestation.​

2/ Every Day...

An area of rainforest the size of 14 Manhattan's is burned.

3/ Every year...

An area of tropical rainforest the size of South Carolina is being destroyed.

You can learn more here.


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