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Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand

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This one is called 'Lines in the Sand'.

All of us have our own particular lines in the sand.

The things that through circumstance, background, experience, observation or intellectual grind that we perceive to be 'there, but no further' principles.

 Jutting in and out of our interactions with the world and those things that inhabit it like candy floss being spun at the fun fair.

Starting off with the thinnest of long wooden sticks and gradually being added to with a twist of the wrist and a gathering of spun sugar.

A proud edifice that can look weighty and magnificent in all its pink glory.

But that all too soon can get eaten away by the push-back of the real world.

The lines in the sand can blur as the winds blow or we haul ourselves across the sand dunes of indifference.

But, some we will hold onto with the hollow eyes of a man in the desert looking at the Sun and seeing only a yellowish glass of water. 

Blink and we are gone.

What will remain of you?


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