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Love Canvas - I Love Myself Key To My Heart Penguin

Love Canvas - I Love Myself Key To My Heart Penguin

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This canvas is called, "Love Canvas - I Love Myself Key To My Heart Penguin Art Print" and is all about unlocking the keys to your heart.

In it you can see our heroine (or hero - take your pick), a giant penguin, symbolic of you, walking along the beach with a padlock in the shape of a heart on her chest, waiting for it to be unlocked.

Her wings are open, because she is open to the idea and reality of love coming into her life.

You can see her pawprints all over the sand where she has been walking, looking for love, and around her are lots of heart shaped keys, including one dangling off of the jetty, and another laying in the shallow water with the waves rolling over it.

Most of these keys don't fit the key to her heart, because as we all know, finding love outside of ourselves is never an easy undertaking.

But there is hope...

Over on the top of the jetty (towards the left) you can see the figure of Cupid (also known as Eros), the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection in Classical mythology, shooting his arrow of love at our heroine.

He knows that embracing love begins with embracing loving ourselves, fully, totally and joyously.

The words on the canvas on the top left are:


Because only when you love yourself fully can you open the key to your heart fully to another.

When you do that the world starts taking on a different shape. You see flowers more colorfully (hence the rose), and you start seeing love wherever you go (hence the heart shape in the sky).

I wish love for you all.

Start from within.

It is within your gift RIGHT NOW to give it to yourself.

I hope that this canvas can be a daily reminder on your walls that the abundant, heart-centred you is more powerful then even you know.


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