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Love Lodge Meditation Retreat

Love Lodge Meditation Retreat

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This one is called 'Love Lodge Meditation Retreat', wall art print.

I was supposed to go on a Yoga / Meditation retreat last year. But due to all the Covid fun and games regrettably it never happened.

So, I thought it was at least about time I went artistically.

It wasn't at somewhere called 'Love Lodge'.

I just made that up.

But I did get to thinking about ideal locations to do a Yoga / Meditation Retreat.

So, here is my artistic take on the theme

First, I thought it would be nice if it was in a beautiful location.

So, this one is set in a wooden cabin in the middle of a lake, with a backdrop of a mountain.

Next, I thought it would be nice if there was a green Aurora Borealis / Northern Light show going on while the meditation was going down.

As that would be lovely, wouldn't it.

There are a flock of seagulls passing overhead to make me feel at one with nature and the passing of time.

And, oh yep, in place of the sun, I thought it would be cool to have a giant flower instead!

(Imagine if instead of the Sun each day we woke from our beds to see a new flower shining down on us - just as warm and bright and welcoming - but different colours, shapes and forms of petals. I think that would be cool. Though, admittedly, not too great for Hay Fever sufferers! Sorry about that.)

Anyhow, hopefully, I'll get to go on another retreat in the not too distant future.

Let's hope we all can!

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