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Love Piano Love Art

Love Piano Love Art

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In this 'Love Piano Love Art Canvas Wall Art Print' I celebrate my love for both the piano and art :-)

This one is for everyone who loves to play the piano (or listen to it) and draws/paints/practices art of any kind.

The piano really is a magnificent instrument. Musically it covers a vast range, as well as having the benefit of hundreds of years of genius composers, from Beethoven to Mozart and everything in between, creating some of the most memorable music to ever grace your ears.

I'm actually trying to learn at the moment (though unfortunately NOT on the Grand Piano in the artwork! :-( But I do have a lovely digital piano that does its absolute best to lift me up.

(Time is a salve that cures all ills, and I am hopeful that through the twin magic of time and practice I may end up sounding rather less like a cat scratching at a tree.

I live in hope!)

In any case, one of the great beauties about music is that the end goal of being able to play a piece with soul and feeling and passion is only one part of the equation.

The other is enjoying the journey.

(There is a great book called 'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield where he talks about the battles that creatives face every day to get themselves to do the work. 

Go buy it! He's my cousin! Just kidding. He isn't my cousin. It is a great book though).

There are ALWAYS other things we could be doing. 

It is all too easy to kill entire days with fluff and realise that your entire artistic output for the day consisted of the random advice you gave a stranger on Facebook about electric toothbrush heads.

Anyway... Enough fluff! Let me tell you about the art.

Well, the main focus in the picture is the Grand Piano (complete with my signature as 'Makers Mark' above middle C :-))

Grand Pianos are doubly interesting, because as well as being fantastic sources of music, they are also architectural objects. 

And sexy ones at that!

When you walk into a music room that has a traditional Grand Piano in it, then you cannot help but be impressed by its lascivious curves, the beautiful smooth black polished ebony finish and the arch of its lid (and who can ever resist peering inside at the strings to see the heart of the beast!)

So, you can see our beauty here in all its glory.

But surrounding it and running through it is all the psychedelic colorful brilliance that is the light and shade and transcendence that is piano music.

It is all the colors of the rainbow.

It moves and lilts and turns. It finds its own voice.

It is the light lyricism of a blue sky as you gently caress the keys in parts of Beethoven's Fur Elise, or the darker mournful colours of Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie.

Piano music can be sad, or it can be rampant. It can be the darkest black or the richest yellow.

Art is the same.

Art and Music then are easy bedfellows.

Just as physics caresses mathematics (and vice versa). Art and Music are lovers who know each other well. 

They are like an in-tune married couple who communicate not with words, but with a glance, because intuitive knowledge is an ocean that we can all dive into.

 Look closely and you can see paintbrushes coming up and through the picture. 

Perhaps it is the art that is painting the music? Or perhaps the music is painting the art?

Either way it is a symbiosis of sorts. 

On the top of the piano is a metronome with the word 'LOVE' swinging from side to side (as they do), and flowers in the shape of a heart to the left; because when we open our hearts to a bigger 'US' that plays music, paints, draws, creates, then we are dipping into a vast and endless ocean of possibilities that widens us.

Anyway, this would look lovely above your piano! (Or in your music room)

Flow with your eyes into endless seas of color even as your hands glide effortlessly over the keys.

(Or rather less effortlessly and with grimaced, but well-meaning intent if you are learning like me!)

Know someone that is a pianist that likes art? (You maybe?)

This is the perfect present. 


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