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Love Yoga Love Bees

Love Yoga Love Bees

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Love Yoga Love Bees. Ok, that covers it, right? Oh, go on then, I'll explain my thinking behind this canvas art print...

I was looking at some bees the other day, and it struck me that bees are like the ultimate yogi! They literally carry love (some call it 'pollen') from plant to plant, spreading the love until it becomes a burst of life that feeds us, creates amazing plants, beautiful flowers and basically life as we know it.

It is sort-of amazing how important bees really are, and yet how little credit they really get. They are like your Grandma at Christmas! She keeps on loving you, she keeps on giving you presents, she keeps on being there for you, even when you complain that she squeezes you like a lemon!

If the definition of a real yogi is as a source of amazing energetic vibrations, then bees are the very embodiment of that.

Plus, think about the yoga acrobatics that even your average bee does on a daily basis. None of that 'Downward Dog' stuff for them. They literally have to fly between plants, then hang, balletically, on the edge of a petal to try to get at the nectar, contorting themselves this way and that to pull it off. Then they move on and do it again!

No resting. None of that, 'I've done my half-hour yoga practice today. That is enough'. They carry on for like the WHOLE DAY! When was the last time you did an 8 hour yoga practice? I'm guessing it's been a while.

Plus, these bees are clearly in love! Look at their antennae! They are merging and mingling (actually, I'm not sure they are. But she definitely wants them to be mingling!). I am sure these bees are about to kiss each other.

He is saying: 'You're an AMAZING pollinator...'

She is replying: 'No! It's YOU that is the AMAZING pollinator!'

That is how I am imagining the beginning of the conversation going!


Anyhow, back to the canvas! 

Love Bees. Love Yoga. All seems quite self-explanatory now doesn't it?!

The words on the canvas are:


I thought it would be cool to combine both bees (the self-appointed yogi of the insect world), with lots of hearts and a heart-felt message.

You can either take it as the bees loving yoga (and taking a well earned rest while filling up the honeycomb with love - which is why the hearts are in the honeycombs). 

Or the bees loving each other AND loving yoga.

Or you loving bees AND loving yoga.

Or both!

(Or just you loving yoga... Oh whatever. You get the idea!)

Up to you.

Either way, it will make a very cheerful addition to any home. Brighten up your walls, raise a smile, spread love and generally make you feel good.

(And you'll also have the bonus of having a story to tell all your friends of why you have a canvas of bees and yoga on your wall!)

Go Bees!!!


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