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Manifesting Meditation Maelstrom - Be the Calm In the Chaos

Manifesting Meditation Maelstrom - Be the Calm In the Chaos

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This 'Manifesting Meditation Maelstrom Be the Calm In the Chaos Canvas Print' is really all about staying centered when life throws you a curve ball.

On the canvas you can see a whirlpool, circling in and around, throwing up waves, and representing all the challenges that life has to throw at us.

At the center of this artwork is someone meditating, throwing off an altogether different kind of energy. The kind that brings balance to their life. The kind that helps to manifest great energy and results in their lives. The kind that sees whatever the maelstrom they are currently embroiled with for what it truly is, something to be faced for sure, but something temporary. Something that they can deal with, rise above, face head on and merge into their own power.

As Tony Robbins says; "No problem is eternal. Only your soul is eternal. This too will pass."

Don't give your power away.

Embrace it.

The words on this canvas art are:

Be the Calm
In The Chaos

Because the world will do, what the world will do.

But, the only person you are truly in control of is yourself.

Whether you decide to ride the white-knuckle ride downwards into the watery abyss, or stay centred, rise-up and see the sun. 

That is your call.

Sure, sometimes it's going to rain. Buying a raincoat is a sensible move. But don't ditch all your shorts and sunscreen because the weather turns bad every once in a while!

Also, the good news is that while the only person you can really control is yourself, that doesn't mean that your actions, or the energy you give off, doesn't impact others.

When your wife/husband/significant other walks through the door and has had a bad day, do they really need to tell you?

Of course not! Within a couple of seconds, even without them speaking, you can sense it so clearly they may as well be shouting it in your ear!

The same is true when you are calm and centred.

On the canvas I have conveyed this with the dreamy blue colour that you can see around the words and the meditator. You can still see the green of the maelstrom, but our thoughts color our perceptions.

The Universe does its level best to give you back the energy that you throw out.

That is what 'The Law of Attraction' is all about!

You can't change everything. But you can change the meaning that you give to it.


Anyway, I hope you like it!

I'm sure it will cheer up your walls and remind you every day that your power is always within you.

PLEASE.... Be the calm in the chaos!

Your wife/husband/significant other/family wants that calm, centered you around. 

They are easier to live with!!


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