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Meditation Wall Art - Life in Balance

Meditation Wall Art - Life in Balance

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This 'Meditation Wall Art - Life in Balance Meditating Canvas Print' is really about symmetry and finding calm in the chaos. 

It is about Balance.

Not the kind they talk to you about in gymnastics class. But the life kind. The kind that you know instinctively when it is out of whack, but don't always do much about.

In this canvas I wanted to capture the feeling of balance you get after you have done your meditation practice.

This lady is looking out at the sunrise. She may have had her eyes closed during her meditation. But now, she has opened them (though she has her back turned to us).

Imagine her bright eyes looking at the rising of the sun as-if for the first time.

The world is a brighter place.

The sun shines into her spirit and she is capable of balancing whatever the world throws at her that day.

In this canvas, I have symbolised that balance, that symmetry, with the two Buddha heads, each one balancing on one of her hands.

Seemingly too big, too much too handle, seeming to be unbalanceable... And yet, here she is balancing them calmly, serenely, the calm in the potential chaos of life.

You can call this Buddha Wall Art as well if you like... That would be true. Because it is exemplifying that same sense of serenity that you might see in a Buddhist Monk or a Spiritual Practitioner.

Notice that the two Buddha heads are calm as well. They know that she has this. They know that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. In fact, quite the opposite.

Ever have a dog who rolls over and lets you tickle their tummy when they see you?

This is the meditative equivalent of that!

ONLY when you feel completely safe, completely secure, completely calm and certain can you let yourself go fully with anyone else or the world around you.

This is that.

The serene, balancing the serene.

The words on the canvas are:

Life in Balance

Because that is what we all want.

A life of abundant balance.

In all areas of life.

Let this canvas be a reminder of your immense power.

Look at it on your wall every day and know that you are enough.

That you've got this. 

Sending you much love and karmic balance!


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