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Modern Wall Art - Polka Dot Cows

Modern Wall Art - Polka Dot Cows

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Enjoy the vibrant shock of this Modern Wall Art - Polka Dot Cows Canvas Print in your home.

Why have one cow on your wall when you could have 24!

This one was inspired by the modern pop art of Andy Warhol which was particularly popular during the 1960s.

In a way it feels like he was the artistic equivalent of the social media of his day, with a type of synergistic take on popular culture, drawing together lots of different cultural icons of his day (such as tins of Campbell's Soup and Marilyn Monroe) and then converting them into popular artworks that have become synonymous with his name.

Not sure why Andy didn't think of Cows?

I mean... Come on Andy! Obvious choice right!

Anyway, I thought so. Hence this canvas.

On it you can see the same cow doing his funky thing 24 times.

I think he's cool.

(If I was ever forced to invite a cow to a wedding - maybe to give a Cow of the Bride Speech? - then this is the dude I would invite.)

He has got a very calm, certain type of presence about him.

(If I had a problem, and no-one else could help, and IF I could find him.... Then I STILL wouldn't hire the A-Team! No. I would chat over my problems with this guy. He looks like he is very wise to me. Deep. Deep. Deep. As the Mariana Trench! Which is 6.6 miles deep. Now THAT is DEEP!)

So, it's a bit like having 24 anchor points of calmness on the wall!

In the background you have this deep red color that really makes our bovine buddies stand out.

If you were being philosophical (as this cow is in one of my other artworks, I Think Therefore I Am), then you might think that perhaps each circular cow is indicative of being like an island in a storm (or in this case 24 cow islands in a storm). Where it seems like everything is at its most difficult (as indicated by the red color), but that in fact there are all kinds of thoughts, actions and processes that you could be enacting that would draw you back to a calm, centered, cow-on-blue-island kind-of space.


Any time you have a problem I want you to look at this artwork on your walls and remember that you have AT LEAST 24 other ways to approach it!

Which one will you ask for answers first?


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