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Monkey Art - I Love Myself Four Mostly Deep Thinking Monkeys in a Tree

Monkey Art - I Love Myself Four Mostly Deep Thinking Monkeys in a Tree

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I had a sneaky feeling that what you folk have all secretly been hanging on for (no doubt with baited breath) is for me to come up with something featuring cute monkeys, in a tree, having deep, deep thoughts.

Well, wait no more monkey fans! Today, right now, this very moment, you can enjoy the spectacle that is, 'Monkey Art - I Love Myself Four Mostly Deep Thinking Monkeys in a Tree Canvas'. Lovingly produced for your delight and delectation.

What's it all about?

Well, at first glance, it may seem there are only three monkeys, not four, hanging out on the branch of a tree, having deep thoughts...

The words on the canvas are:

Top left monkey is thinking: I LOVE MYSELF!
Middle monkey is thinking: I LOVE MYSELF!

(I told you they were deep!)

Monkey on the right is thinking: WHERE'S THE BANANA'S?

(They are monkeys. Clearly one of them HAS to be thinking this. He looks like a deep thinker, so perhaps this is a statement on deforestation? Or, maybe he just fancies a banana? I'm guessing the latter.)

So, where's the fourth monkey?

Well, take a closer look beneath the first monkey...

See something long and hairy popping out?

That is a tail!! 

He has sat on monkey number four (who has a green tail! Honestly, I think its accidental. I think it's just because our monkey friend was so deep in thought, such a deep thinker, so getting into the 'yogi meditator' type vibe that he didn't actually notice he had sat down on anyone).

(Or perhaps he is just a little too self-obsessed and didn't notice?)

In any case, monkey number four is saying (he's not thinking this. He is thinking other stuff that I won't go into for a family audience!) 


A perfectly reasonable question.

Anyway, making this one made me chuckle. So, perhaps it will make you smile when you see this on your walls?

(If 3,456 people buy this canvas I'll do a follow up called 'Revenge of the Green Tailed Monkey'! Honestly, I may do it anyway. I am rooting for the little guy!)

Be thankful that no-one is sitting on your head!

Peace out folks.


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